A natural star in wagyu

Altair grassfed Wagyu combines the marbling and sumptuous texture of traditional Wagyu with the clean minerality of grassfed pasture raised cattle.

Our Story
Farming Grassfed WagyuThe secret to farming our Altair grassfed Wagyu comes from three founding pillars: Genetics, Grass and Time.Our Farmers
Altair Marbling Guide
Unique breeding and a grassfed diet creates superior fine marbling. With a range of marble scores available, find out which is right for you.Learn about our wagyu
Experience AltairLooking for a luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth culinary experience? Find out where you can experience Altair for yourself.Try our products
Chef's NotesWhy chefs love cooking with Altair and the best way to prepare your favourite cuts.Try our products

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