Altair Marbling Guide

Marbling measures the level of intramuscular fat. Altair grassfed Wagyu has marble scores ranging from 3 through to 7+.

Compared to grain fed wagyu, the marbling in Altair grassfed Wagyu is finer as the animal grows naturally over a longer period of time, grazing only on grass. This finer marbling creates a unique melt-in-your-mouth eating experience as when cooked the marbling (fat) melts evenly throughout the meat. Wagyu marbling also has a lower melting point and higher ratios of mono-unsaturated to saturated fats.

  • Marble score 7+

    For those looking for a truly luxurious eating experience marble score 7 and above gives an extra rich flavour and juiciness.

  • Marble Score 5-6

    With slightly less marbling scores 5-6 still offer a rich, melt-in-your mouth moment.

  • Marble Score 3-4

    A delicious grassfed flavour that’s not too rich. Perfect for larger lighter dishes.

Primal Cuts

We have a range of primal cuts available. Here are just a few.


Tucked beneath the Sirloin in the hindquarter, the Tenderloin is one of the most tender cuts, with little fat or connective tissue. The tenderloin can be cut into steaks, also known and the Eye Fillet steak and is best for pan frying or grilling.

Rump cap

A cut that’s full of flavour and well marbled, perfect for roasting, grilling or cut into strips for stir-fry dishes. When cooked properly, the thick layer of fat on the top of the cut melts into the meat, keeping it moist and adding rich flavor.


The Striploin, also known as sirloin, is found along the spine in the hindquarter.. The Striploin sits just above the tenderloin where the eye fillet is cut. The sirloin cut is juicy, tender and flavorsome and can be further cut into steaks, also known as the porterhouse steak.

Cube roll

The Cube Rolls Sits between the chuck and the striploin muscles over the back. Also known as Scotch Fillet or Rib Eye, and is loved for it’s tenderness and rich flavour.